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Need second part of this story


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Dad Allow Me To Fuck Mom​

Hello friend I am new in this site. My name is Rajib. Age is 30 years now. I am the only son of my parents. My father is class one officer of State Government. My mom is a housewife. My mom is now 50 years. My dad is now 56 years. It’s happened when I am 26 years. After a fever of 7 days I check my blood and it took me the cancer in my cheats. Doctors said this last stage for me only 6 month in my life. After that mom and dad become mad for me. They want always happy me. But I know my life going to end. Mom dad always asked what is your desire in your life we fulfill all things. I always thinking my life will end within 6 month. Dad and mom always beside me they always want to charm me best food bring for me and which I like they bring for me. In the night mom and dad want to sleep with me but said them that nothing to do I am your son I never do anything which hit your heart. One day mom and dad asked what do you like tell us we fulfill all desire for you. Dad asked me lots of time to me what I want. My all desire was gone when I heard that my chest cancer. Every day dad and mom asked what I need and what my desire is. I said nothing dad and mom please courage me to alive. One day after leaving dad for office mom asked my dear son please tell me your desire. I said mom I always think about you and dad how you live without me. Mom began cry and said you never leave us we love you very much my son we do everything’s for you. I said ok mom I tell you. Mom said tells me now. I said nothing in mind at present. In the early age dad is my best friend not mom. Dad and I share all experience within us. Nest day morning dad asked me on the roof that can any wish in your mind my dear son. I said no dad. Dad said any girl friend you have. I said dad you know everything about my affairs that one class friend whom I like but she is now mother of a child after that no girls in my life. Dad said ok my dear son. I said dad your office today close. Dad said no my dear son. Dad asked why you asked. I said not for any reason as alike.

Dad asked if you any desire in your mind you tell me. I said dad I never sex with any lady. Dad said ok my dear son I give you a lady with merry you. I said no dad I do not spoil any life in my short life. Dad said we make her as our daughter. I said no dad. Dad said ok as you like. Dad said can I hire a call girl. I said no dad. Dad asked whom do you want. I said no one just said you. Dad no my dear son your mom and I love you so much your are only child of us, so tell me my dear son. I said ok tell you later. Dad said not later tells me now. I said dad I visited internet regularly and read some sex stories from the internet and from that some illegal thought grow in my mind. Dad asked what grow. I said no tell you in the night. Dad said no my dear son if you do not tell me I never get peace in my mind for whole days. I said no dad not at now. Dad said why you hesitate my dear son tell me. I said it is fully incest things. Dad said ok my dear son I understand you read incest stories. I said yes dad. Dad said why you hesitate the real one is that I read those stories regularly in my office and its make so what in this age so, you are the young so you heart more. I said yes dad. Dad said which type stories you like, father-daughter, brother-sister, mother-son or others type. I said dad you read. Dad said yes my son more interesting is some stories print and your mom read also. I said mom also read. Dad said she like it very much. I said dad if my diseases not found we never talk this type of things. Dad said perhaps my dear son. I said where I stand dad, my life going to end. Dad said no my son never tells this your mother and I will die before you. I said ok dad I never tell. Dad said ok my son we love you so much and kiss me on my forehead. I said dad the heat of sun is very hot so let’s go in the room. Dad said ok let’s go. Both dad and I began to walk. Dad said but you hide your desire to me. I said how I tell you. Dad said no problem my dear son anything you tell me. I said it is impossible to happen. Dad said can I tell you real thing. I asked what. Dad said if you Want your mom and my heart we give you. So tell me my dear son. In the mean time mom call us to come. Dad said come on son tell me no time for me. I said ok tell you. We return to our bed room. Dad goes for birth I go to my bed room. After bath dad start breakfast and ready for office. Dad said me before leavening the house that I told everything to your mom. Dad left the house for office. After breakfast mom said how do you feel my dear son? I said better and fresh mom. Mom said what do you want my dear son. I said no mom nothing. Mom said I am now free please tells me. I said no mom nothings. Mom said you read those stories from internet. I said yes. Mom said your dad said you have some illegal desire. I said what? Mom said you told me. I said do you guess. Mom said no but thinking. I said what? Mom said because you read incest stories so your desire likes incest. I said yes but not possible. Mom said why not possible. I said that stories not true. Mom said I know but it hit us. I said yes but it hit my heart. Mom said it is hit your heart but in your mind it grows to do. I said yes mom. Mom said every child when become adolescent they want a lady but they see only their mom and it’s grows in their mind. I said mom then. Mom said wait few minutes I am coming. Saying this mom goes away. I think what’s happened.

I am thinking that all chance will go. In the mean time mom call me from their bedroom and said your father want to talk with you. I go mom’s room. Telephone receiver gave me mom. I said hello on the other hand the voice of my dad. Dad said what happen my son. I said nothing dad. Dad said but your mom said something. I asked what. Dad said your mom is ready and I have no objection about you and your mom. I said what you say dad some one hear this from behind. Dad said nobody near me. I said ok dad as you wish. I said mom let’s go. Mom said where. I said my bedroom. Mom said ok my dear son. Mom and I go to my bed room. Mom opens her sharee. I saw 1st time mom big breast with red blouse and white bra. What a boobs like a coconut each one. Mom call me come on son mom is ready. I reached to mom and said mom what we going to do. Mom said I want to see my son happy so I do for my son everything. I said mom if I do you really happy doing this. Mom said when your dad brings those stories from then I always want to do with my son. I asked what. Mom said fucking with my son. Hearing this from mom’s mouth my all hesitation was gone and I hugs mom and hold her big breast with my two hands. Mom said oh my son what a touch press hardly my son. I fondle with mom’s breast with two hands. Mom hugs me by her two hands. I said mom really you are gorgeous figure. Mom said you like my figure. I said yes mom I like old lady with great figure. Mom said really. I said yes mom your breast is big and soft touch. Mom said comes on son make me naked. I said yes mom, I unhooked her blouse and bra and now mom wear only petticoat. What a nipple of my mom white mixed yellow color of mom breast with black nipple. I sucked mom breast with my knee down. Mom said sucked my son. I said mom what is your figure now. Mom said 44dd 38-46 butts. I said really. Mom said yes. I said like story’s mom. Mom said yes my son. I said mom unhook your petticoat. Mom unhooks her petticoat and it’s down to earth. Mom womanhood is now in front of me with full view. It’s covered with long pubic hare. I said mom what a gorgeous vagina of you. Mom said come on son I am ready for your manhood. I said yes mom naked me. Mom opens my short pant. My long pennies open to mom. My pennies are now erect at 90 degree angle. Mom holds my pennies and said what a size. I said mom it is really big size. Mom said yes my son bigger than your dad. I said really. Mom said really it make tied. I said oh mom really. Mom said come on ride on me. Mom lie on the bed with spread her legs and said come on son. I down my two knees and enter between mom’s two legs. Mom’s holds my Manhood and put into my birth place and said push my son. I press my pennies into mom’s womanhood. Mom hugs me hardly and said oh my son what a strong laud you are. I hold mom two shoulders and fuck her. Mom said come on fuck me my son. I said yes mom fuck you oh mom what a lovely mother of me. Mom said are you happy now my son. I said oh mom you don’t know how I want you every time I always want to fuck you from last 6 years. Mom said what a bad luck of mine last 6 year you want me but not get you. I said yes mom bad luck. Mom if you told me I gave you all chances also your dad both we want family sex. I said oh mommy come on hold my mommy my cum will ready for you. Mom said oh son give some stroke your mom also ready. I kissing mom’s lips and give her hard fuck. Mom said come on fuck me son fuck me harder oh god give him more power to fuck his mom. I said mom no more time to me hold me mom ah mom oh mom my cum is coming now. Mom said yes son your mom’s cum is now poring. I pore my cum into mom pussy. Mom jerks three or four times I also. After one minutes I get up from mom’s body. My pennies wet with mom and my cum. Mom wipe with her petticoat. Mom said let’s go toilets and wash. After return from toilets mom call dad by phone. Mom said we done you come as early as possible. Dad said I am reaching with in 20 minutes. Mom makes a glass of Horlicks for me. In the min time dad entered to room.

pls can anyone provide me second part of this story looking to long time for this story , it’s one of my favourite sex story, if you have not read this pls read it and provide you comments here as how you like this story
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